Sub Compact Bottle Opener

Limited edition sub compact bottle opener. Made in USA.

We've partnered up with Bottle Ops to bring you our own NMNQ bottle opener. Founded by a former Recon Marine, Bottle Ops is an American-made, family-run business dedicated to making badass bottle openers. This match grade 9mm sub compact bottle opener will not only get the job done every time, but looks damn good as well.

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Disclaimer: Important Safety Information

Please note that these bottle openers are designed to resemble pistol barrels, but they are NOT real firearm components. They are purely decorative and should never be attempted to be used in any firearm. Always prioritize safety and remember that these are novelty items, not gun parts.

Additionally, we strongly advise against handling firearms while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol impairs judgment and coordination, making the use of firearms extremely dangerous in such conditions.

Our bottle openers are intended for safe, responsible use. Enjoy responsibly and always follow firearm safety rules.